The Mahalaya story

The Mahalaya story

“We have more food, more clothes, more cars, bigger houses, more central heating, more foreign holidays, a shorter working week, nice work and above all better health. Yet we are not happier.”

— Richard Layard, London School of Economics

In Sanskrit, the ancient language of Himalayas, Mahalaya means “sanctuary” or “pilgrimage”. It’s a reminder that we can find peace and happiness no matter where the journey of life finds us. We invite you to take a few steps with us.

Annie and Lizzie established Mahalaya to take a journey with others looking to cultivate greater happiness and balance. For us, Yoga has been the greatest tool on our path, and through Mahalaya we hope to create spaces to help others to pause, restore and renew body and spirit.

On our own paths, mindfulness and awareness of our minds and bodies, of our natural world, of what we eat and drink, and of how we laugh, work and love, have been the greatest discoveries we have made. Through Mahalaya we hope to share these by connecting you with environments, knowledge and practices aligned to the gifts of Yogic principles and lifestyle, which can nourish your own discoveries.

Annie Seymour, founder of Mahalaya Yoga retreats in Nepal















Mahalaya offers various approaches to achieve a space: in our lives, minds and hearts, by stepping away from daily life in order to look at it more clearly. Many of us struggle to cultivate a harmony between our heart (what we truly want to do), our head (what we think we should do), and our hands (what we actually do). Stress, strained relationships, constant busyness, feeling trapped or unfulfilled, depression, exhaustion, and loneliness are shadows which can obscure life’s joy. Looking outward and relying on external circumstances rarely provides sustained comfort. Yoga helps us to change this pattern, by waking us up to a better understanding of ourselves and our potential.


Amid the rich spiritual and cultural backdrop of Nepal, Mahalaya invites you to explore the most extraordinary place on earth – you. Along the way you’ll find a greater mindfulness and wellbeing. Through these, rediscover your true freedom to positively influence and deeply enjoy the life you have and the people you love.

Join us in Nepal to journey within, and expand your horizons.

enjoying the mountains