Retreat with Petri and Wambui, April 2019: photo story

Retreat with Petri and Wambui, April 2019: photo story

We loved welcoming back Petri and Wambui to the monastery. This year a ten day retreat gave participants the chance to explore both their practice and the monastery and its surrounds more deeply. 


Sunrise from the yoga shala in the monastery at the start of Petri and Wambui’s retreat in Nepal (Photo credit: Petri Raisanen)

Heading up to the monastery for practice each morning (Photo credit: Anita Westlund)

Photo credit: Anita Westlund

The first practice is a led primary series with Petri.

Synchrony.. the moment when individuals morph into a cohesive group.

Healing adjustments from Petri

Afternoon walk to the enlightenment caves of the tantric master Guru Rinpoche.

Hanging ‘lungta’ nearby the caves – a way for prayers to be blown out into the world.

Mysore style practice brings energy and heat to the yoga shala!

Wambui adjusts Mahalaya’s Annie in baddha konasana.

Savasana enjoyed under yak wool blankets 🙂

Afternoon workshops explore the art of adjusting…

..the second series (particularly back bends)..

…and a wonderful healing workshop.

There was even a little bit on dinosaurs!

We explored Swayambhu on a trip to Kathmandu..

..also known as the ‘Monkey Temple’ (for good reason!).

Photo credit: Sheila Backus.


Discovering the stories of yoga in the streets of Patan

And closer to home.. temples, forests and quiet spots.

Photo credit: Pascale Simon

Dawa and Sid continued to be best friends!

And the monastery guest house staff surprised us with a cake to celebrate Nepali New Year!

A beautiful retreat with Petri and Wambui..

..and our friends from Sweden, Finland, South Korea, USA, France, UK, Netherlands (the list goes on!).