The healing power of pranic vibration – Kundalini yoga retreat in Nepal

Gong baths, mindful movement, silent meditation, chanting, nourishing organic food, and an extraordinary location.

Dates: 20 May 2017 - 21 May 17
Taught by: Tonie Nooyens
Location: Namo Buddha Resort, Nepal
Cost: 19,500 rupees (all-inclusive from when we meet together in Kathmandu until we bring you back)

Treat yourself to a weekend to remember and help to dissolve the stresses you’d like to forget. Join Tonie Nooyens at the beautiful Namo Buddha Resort for a weekend of:

  • gong baths (immersing in sound vibration)
  • mindful movement in the Kundalini Yoga tradition
  • silent meditation, chanting
  • nourishing organic food
  • deep restful sleeps in the resort’s Newari cottages

Tonie Nooyens is in Nepal for a short time to teach his Mind & Meditation Kundalini yoga teacher training module. However, to give more people a chance to practice with this extraordinary teacher, we offer this special retreat, open to all.

We will experience how Pranic energy flows through our energy channels: the “Nadis”. Using breath, sound, movement and meditation, the weekend will help to purify and invigorate your energy and to remove blockages that prevent it from flowing freely and unobstructed.

Bathing in the vibration of the gong is a powerful tool to transform disturbing thought patterns. Through this, we can let go of upsetting emotions, and achieve deep healing and stillness within ourselves. Immersing in the sound creates deep relaxation, releasing us from the torrent of our thoughts. It releases blocks, reduces tension, and re-arranges our emotional energy and feelings.

By practicing guided silent and mantra meditations we will work towards a state of physical and mental balance. Silent meditation is effective to get to know yourself, while mantra meditation can break through deep rooted thought patterns.


The retreat welcomes anyone looking to learn about meditation and to find some space in their daily lives by developing a practice. The weekend gives us a chance to learn the tools of meditation and practice them under Tonie’s gentle and experienced guidance.

Your home for the meditation retreat: Namo Buddha Resort

We will meet centrally in Kathmandu, and travel together on our comfortable private bus for two hours east, to the forested hillside of Namo Buddha.

High in the foothills of the Himalayas near Dhulikhel, join an intimate group of like-minded people and find the space to see the You within you. Switch off from the demands of life back home, surround yourself with nature and calm, and heal yourself with delicious nourishing food and with the energy of one of the most sacred sites in Buddhism.

Delicious food during meditation retreat nepal

Accommodation is in the beautiful little stone-and-wood Newari cottages nestled into the hillside and surrounded by the lovingly-tended organic farm and garden. With cooling breezes of pure mountain air, panoramic views of the Himalayas, golden sunrises, gentle mists guiding you inwards, groves of fruit trees attracting colourful birds, and a sense of isolation among the quiet local villages, the harmonious conditions will help you to find peace and stillness for a weekend that will feel so much more.

The resort grows as much of its own food (vegetables, grains, fruits and edible flowers) as possible, to prepare fresh, creative and nourishing vegetarian dishes. They collect milk from their own cows and honey from their bees, and make their own jams, sour dough breads, pizza, and other baked treats.

The resort has a sauna, as well as a flotation tank or “Samadhi tank“: one of the few publicly accessible flotation tanks in Asia, and believed to facilitate a deep meditation.

Your teacher: Tonie Nooyens

Tonie Nooyens, teacher of Mahalaya's Meditation retreat in Nepal

Tonie Nooyens is a highly experienced practitioner in different traditions of meditation, meditational yoga and healing. He is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and one of the lead trainers on the KY Asia Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program. He travels widely, facilitating teacher training and teaching workshops and retreats throughout Asia, including Cambodia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan.

Originally from The Netherlands, Tonie has lived and worked in Asia and Africa for more than 30 years. His service includes an initiative in Cambodia, where he conducts a Yoga and Meditation training program for Cambodians to support stress and trauma-relief activities, as well as communication and personal capacity training for vulnerable groups.

Booking details for this Kundalini retreat in Nepal

Request a registration form through this link

The cost of the course is 19,500 rupees per person (all-inclusive from when we meet together in Kathmandu until we bring you back). The rates at Namo Buddha are the highest of any venue we use – worth every penny for this spectacular location, but we wanted to mention this to help you understand the cost).

On confirming your place, we will send you the payment information. We will send you a retreat welcome pack with all you need to know to prepare for your visit on receipt of a 5,000 rupee deposit.

Please feel most welcome to get in touch if you have any questions for now however.

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