Annie Seymour

Annie is the founder of Mahalaya Yoga. She teaches Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga through classes and retreats in Kathmandu, with a focus on understanding and experiencing the practices from perspectives of the workings of the mind and the physiological systems, and as a process for bringing the body, mind and spirit into alignment for greater health, happiness, gratitude and kindness.

Annie’s studies have included intensive training under Ashtanga and pranayama masters Paul Dallaghan and yoga anatomists Adarsh Williams and Andrew McGonigle, and she has assisted at multiple workshops, retreats and TTCs including those taught by Heather Elton, Emil Wendel and Ellen Johannesen. Her studies at the KPJAY Institute in Mysore and practice under some of the world’s leading Ashtanga teachers including Tim Miller, Hamish Hendry, Lisa Shrempp and Iain Grysak have been instrumental in deepening her practice and teaching style. She brings an energy, warmth and accessibility to translating Yoga practice and traditions to students from all over the world and of all backgrounds.

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