Emil Wendel

Emil has lived in Asia since the mid-seventies, studying Indian thought, yoga philosophy and Chinese classical philosophy. His many years of residency in Nepal and India have brought about exceptional insight into the depth of South Asian civilization and its underlying currents.

His study of Âshram traditions, and treasured time with Sadhus and living Buddhist masters, have brought a strong appreciation of the subjects of Mantras and Mudrâs, as well as other methods of Pratyâhâra (sense-withdrawal) and Dhâranâ (concentration), the ancient yogic tools which may, over time, bring about that delightful state of true meditation (Dhyâna).

Emil is deeply passionate about yoga, in particular, the aspects of breath and meditation in both the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Emil has been instructing teacher training courses for yoga in Japan, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, India and the Middle-East, besides several countries in Europe.

In this course, his teachings of Pranayama follow the tradition and methodology of the Bihar School of Yoga, distilled through years of self-practice and experimentation. His philosophy course offers a glimpse into the treasures of ancient texts and their application in daily life as yoga practice and ritual. Basic meditation instruction includes discussions on liberating knowledge, to deepen the yoga practice beyond the mere physical experience.