Nicola Orr

Nutritional holistic chef

Having begun her career as a microbiologist, Nic realised that her true path was in sharing her greatest passions: food and yoga. With a huge calling to see the world, she used her skills to work around the world, discovering new ingredients, recipes, techniques and nutritional ideas on her journey. Consolidating this on her return with an intensive year in culinary school, she then became the chef for the Quiksilver surf team, where she was introduced to ‘clean’ eating, gluten free and dairy free – which rocked her world. Since then, she has specialised in clients requiring specialist nutrition and complex diets, and has loved developing delicious new recipes for healthy wholefood living. Her passion for the benefits of this style of eating led her to study nutritional medicine, and to share her knowledge to empower others with the joys of choosing real food which nourishes the mind, body and soul.

Herself a trained yoga teacher, with further studies encompassing a whole range of foodie fascinations from Ayurveda to the gut, Nic also turned her life around from an unhealthy past to a joyfully healthy present and teaches from the heart to share with others. She combines all this experience and learning in a practical, caring and down-to-earth approach which helps others to make genuine lasting changes for a happier, healthier life.