Over the past four years I’ve battled a series of injuries and other setbacks that sucked the life (the fun) out of my athletic career, and it had been a long time since I had managed to find “the Zone,” in training or competition. Starting up a yoga practice under your warm, friendly guidance was the smartest, most valuable and rewarding thing I’ve done this year. The benefits were immediate and obvious. My ability to handle stress and adversity – not just in training and competition, but also in everyday life – skyrocketed pretty much overnight. After just two or three sessions, I found myself falling into a happy, positive mental space in training, and by the end of ten sessions I’d collected a number of great race results and, more importantly, great race experiences. Finally, being an elite athlete is fun again. I am so deeply appreciative. Thank you!!

Kelly Crowley – Paralympic swimming gold medalist, Professional cyclist

As a physician I have spent over a decade of my life learning how to alleviate physical suffering. I have witnessed first hand the myriad ways in which the body can break down. I have written countless prescriptions and resuscitated hundreds of patients. After witnessing many deaths I began to see differences between those in a state of mental peace and those in conflict. From these intimate experiences came the sincere belief that although disease is a terrible thing, nothing compares to suffering in the mind. Nowhere in over ten years of training did I learn how to quiet and comfort the mind–the source of all pain–physical and otherwise.

Doron is an unusually aware individual. He has a talent for managing large diverse groups and also for sensing and flexibly addressing individual needs. Combining his broad foundation in Eastern traditions including Zen Buddhism and yoga with his background in nutrition and art Doron creates a flexible and tailored approach to personal wellness. His warmth, sensitivity and non judgemental attitude help encourage each person to smile, relax and ultimately reach the greatest bliss of all–a state of peace where the mind is free of all attachments and where fear does not exist.

Dr. Jane Snyder, CA

I was always somewhat lost and unclear of who I was. I viewed everything slightly negatively and when I became paralyzed after a car accident, everything shattered. It wasn’t until Doron came along that I was able to focus on the beauty of every moment instead of obsessing over my final goal of walking. Doron taught me that a healthy mind wasn’t something that could only be achieved through a meditation together, but is a practice that is carried out through every movement and thought. I want to thank you Doron for freeing me from my own limitations. The teachings over the year and so months I worked with Doron are irreplaceable and is something I will be looking for guidance to for years to come. again, thank you Doron.

Julia Olsen, Foster City, CA.

The yoga TTC with Doron Hanoch and Mahalaya Nepal was an experience of a lifetime! First of all, the course was very comprehensive. You learn about yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation, asana, ayurveda, and most importantly you learn about how to cultivate a more balanced and harmonious life for yourself. Secondly, at the completion of the training, you not only walk away with the tools and skills necessary to safely teach yoga to others but you also come away with a deeper understanding of yourself and your own practice. I am incredibly grateful to Doron and Annie for providing a supportive and safe environment that encouraged me to finally attempt some of the asanas that always intimidated me. I even succeeded in some of them for the first time ever! Not only has my self practice thrived since completing the TTC, but I have also been accepted as a substitute yoga teacher at the local studio. I am so excited to have started this journey and will forever be grateful to Doron and Annie for their incredible teaching. If you are thinking about being a yoga teacher or enhancing your personal practice, I highly recommend this training with Doron Hanoch and Mahalaya Nepal. It truly is an experience of a lifetime in the foothills of the Himalayas!

The entire month of the TTC was amazing. The teachings were superb. For me one of the highlights was starting the day with meditation and pranayama. This was the first time I truly learned all the different breathing techniques and could notice a considerable difference in my breathing by the end of the month. The other thing I really enjoyed was learning the different chants and recording our group at the end of the training. I can’t wait to get the recording and listen to our group chanting. It really was a beautiful and most memorable experience.”

Bhavna Kumar (USA graduate of September 2016 TTC)

I will be forever grateful that the universe led me to Doron Hanoch for my yoga teacher training. Not only is Doron astoundingly educated in the science and art of yoga, but he thoroughly embodies the principles–compassion, patience, generosity and joy seem to infuse the room as he guides his students. I found myself absolutely challenged physically, as well as mentally and spiritually, all the while being carried by Doron’s steady awareness and care. Because of Doron I am not just a knowledgeable and successful yoga teacher in New York City, but more importantly, I’m a better person.

Chelsea Rappel, New York, NY

What I love about his style is that he sticks quite a bit to “traditional” Ashtanga style, but keeps it flexible, to make it more balanced and suitable for most people. Doron teaches in a fun and light manner yet he has a lot of knowledge and experience in meditation and philosophy. He is a modern spiritual yogi who lives his life be present in the moment, to make the most out of it while working towards stopping the fluctuations of the mind. Thank you so much for everything.

Daniela Gechtman – Teacher Training Graduate 2015

The Doron Yoga Teachers Training course has the unique quality of being in-depth and yet very easy to understand, digest and remember. This derives from Doron’s teaching technics and very personal, approachable personality. As an experienced practitioner, Doron shares his rich knowledge, and more importantly – a fresh dynamic perspective about the yoga world. The Asana practice and teaching methods are taught along with Eastern philosophy and meditation, a combination that allows for deep self-exploration. Expect a life transforming experience.

Daniella Saar – Teacher Training Graduate 2015

The Doron Yoga Teacher Training was an amazing experience for me!! The way you teach, speak and practice yoga is inspiring and I feel that choosing you as my teacher was more than right. Thanks for your endless patience, answering all my questions. Thanks for the mental support along the way and your hugs and smiles routine :) I learned more than I can imagine and I had a great time.

Hadas Bomberg – Israel, Teacher Training Graduate 2015

Doron’s yoga teacher training was truly a life-transforming experience. I joined to learn more about yoga but came away with a tool box of solutions to deal with life’s stresses and worries. From breathing to nutrition, arm balances to meditation, I now feel I can navigate life with calmness and understanding. One word sums up this course: Inspirational! Thank you Doron.

Aoife Kimber – Teacher Training Graduate 2012

I found the Doron Yoga Teacher Training to be a great holistic education for my body, mind and spirit as well as a transformative life experience. It gave me the tools and support to practice more self-care, and supported the development of my own home practice, which helped me to build more strength and confidence. This, in turn, helped me become more willing to challenge my self limiting beliefs and break down some barriers that I place on myself. During the training, the asana practice, meditation practice and the study of yogic philosophy and the ancient texts taught me how to manage the workings of my mind through focus, discipline, practice and meditation. I gained a broader understanding of yoga, which helped me to deepen my practice and encourages me to apply yoga to all aspects of my life, on and off the mat, so that I can move through the challenges of life with a bit more grace and ease. His teacher training helped me deepen my compassion & love for myself, and those around me, as we shared parts of ourselves in a safe and loving environment that he created. I built life-long friendships and a great community in Doron’s teacher training.

Annetta McCarty Redwood City, CA