Mind and Meditation Kundalini retreat with Tonie Nooyens, April 2019: photo story

Mind and Meditation Kundalini retreat with Tonie Nooyens, April 2019: photo story

Tonie Nooyens returns to the monastery for a Kundalini retreat focusing on the mind, its functioning, and how to master it through meditation.

This is Tonie’s fourth collaboration with Mahalaya.

It is wonderful to see Tonie back in the yoga shala in the monastery.

We welcome eighteen participants from across the globe: Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, France, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Canada, the USA and Nepal!

Each participant is provided with a wealth of course materials which are used during the retreat.

Each day begins with sadhana (daily spiritual practice) at dawn.

In the monastery beneath the yoga shala, daily pooja begins. The monks chant prayers to Goddess Tara. Our group attends the prayers following sadhana at dawn.

Later in the day, group discussions and learning.

Beneath the yoga shala where the sessions take place, young novice monks play football during a break from their studies.

Christine assists Tonie during the retreat and leads some of the meditations.

Gong baths led by Tonie are a daily feature of the retreat.

Dawa, one of the monks at the monastery, helps make a fire for one of the sessions..

Burning the tattvas…

The monastery is surrounded by beautiful pine forests..

Looking back towards the monastery from the pine forest covered hills.



If they wish to, students will continue to support each other with regular check-ins in the months following the retreat.

This can really help embed learning and allows discussion and exploration of the topic beyond the parameters of the retreat.

Thank you to Tonie, and the students who joined us for this retreat. We look forward to Tonie’s ‘Authentic Relationships’ retreat in October.

With thanks to Lisa Mikosch for capturing the images in this story.